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NeuroMarketing Tool

It's simple - we are creating the best affordable tool for gaining insights into consumers’ minds and behaviors.
With NeuroMarketing Tool measurments are based on neuro and biometric data readings using our hardware and software solutions and is capable of various scientifically proven processes that are regularly use to conduct neuromarketing research.
The main distinctive capability of our device being the fact that it's easy to get the reliable results, is more affordable, easy to operate and from now it will be possible to do neuromarketing research in-house.

What's inside


Researching video advertising

By using NeuroMarketing Tool it is possible to detect the most visible spots in a video clip, to find out which second and what objects have stimulated the strongest cognitive reactions. Also, various filters allows to see the reaction of different target groups and answer various questions.
All of this is simple to use, with a user friendly controller and clear data management process. Practical applications:

  • Successfully shorten video advertising by eliminating emotionally passive message elements
  • Select the most suitable video clip for media planning for specific target group
  • To find out which objects were followed by visually and which of those has the strongest emotional for a male and female target groups
  • Select more influentional audio for the video clip

Website usability tests

Web UI and UX research using NeuroMarketing Tool supplement to the traditional approach by providing the data from Eye Tracking and Emotional response analysis.
After conducting the test information regarding the most visible spots (Eye Tracking Heatmap) and the most emotional/passive webpage locations (Emotional Heatmap) will be generated. Possessing such type of information is beneficial for the creation of information architecture – object positioning, navigational logic planning, reveals the determining elements of webpage user interface and interactions between them.